G2R Series


    Alternators and



    • 8 a 1700kVA
    • 4 Poles
    • 380 a 600 Volts



    • IEC 60034-1
    • VDE 0530
    • BS4999-5000
    • CEI 2-3
    • UTE NFC 51-100.111





    • Steel casings and shields in gray cast iron.
    • High strength steel shaft.
    • Sturdy design of the rotors suitable for the running speeds of the drive motors.
    • Dumper cage for single-phase and / or distorted loads.
    • Self-lubricated bearings.
    • Brushless exciter and easy to disassemble.
    • Couplings B3 / B14 y B2.
    • All standard SAE couplings.
    • Ventilation: Axial, with air intake from the side opposite the drive.
    • Sense of Rotation: Both.
    • Mechanical Protection: Normal IP 23 (on request, other forms).


    Class H insulation
    Impregnation: VPI (vacuum and pressure).
    Enamelled wires 200 degrees.
    The voltage is automatically adjusted by an electronic regulator fed by a special winding, isolated from the main, which protects it from service surges.
    Windings with 2/3 shortened pitch that guarantee low harmonic distortion and parallel operation with reduced neutral currents.

    • Voltage Accuracy: From no load to full load, cos fi 0.8: ± 0.5% for constant speed.
    • Engine Starting Capacity: 1 HP for each kVA of the alternator.
    • Transient Voltage Dip: Less than 18% when the full load is applied to cosine fi 0.8.
    • Single phase load: Up to a power equal to 0.65 of the normal three-phase catalog.
    • Frequencies: 50 or 60 Hz.
    • Voltages: Alternators are normally supplied to 12 star terminals with accessible neutral. Special voltages upon request.
    • Manual Voltage Adjustment: ± 5% of the nominal value. An external rheostat can be connected to do it remotely.
    • Waveform: Total Harmonic distortion less than 4% for L-N voltages with no load or three phase balanced linear loads.
    • Radio Interferences: Normally they are G grade according to VDE 0875 standards. Grades N and K, on ​​request.
    • Telephone Interferences: THF lower than 2% (BS 4999). Lower TIF 50 (ASA C 50.12).
    • Short Circuit Current: Greater than 3 times the nominal.
    • Parallel Device: G2R 250 and larger are provided with AVR prepared for parallel operation with other alternators of the same or different brand.Bellow G2R 250, on request.
    • Ratings: The values on the rating charts ​​refer to the following conditions: maximum ambient temperature 40 ° C, Altitude no over 1000 m a.s. and cos fi 0.8.


    At an altitude higher than 1000 m.s. Is necesary a power derate of 4% every 500 m of increase.
    At room temperature greater than 40 ° C, it is necessary to derate the power 4% every 5 degrees of increase.
    Overloads: 10% overload for 1 hour every 6 hours. Larger overloads can be accepted for short times. (2.5 times the rated current).


    • Control panel
    • Air filters
    • EMI filters
    • Voltajes especiales
    • Thermometers.

    On request other specialties and / or accessories are possible.